Ash Storm 6-4

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  1. kp42

    Ashlynn doesn’t seem to like her dad much. Typical teen angst? Hmm…..

    Love the comment about a tablet being a “magic box!” There doesn’t seem to be a lot of technology here except for Baldwin’s tablet. Has this society has turned its back on technology?

    • In Episode 2, she told Baldwin they probably both had the weirdest parents in the class. :)

      Technology is not scarce, but personal electronics are. I cannot say how soon the story will emphasize cultural end technological trends, but it most definitely will. The hint here is Baldwin was the only French kid in the class, and also the only one with a Tablet.

  2. Ragingreaver413

    Ahhh…so there is also an envy to the ostracism. Or fear. So now the question is, where did Baldwin get a hold of a Tablet in the first place?

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