Monday is up, sorry it was late. I need to build a backlog so I can deal with a schedule which I have little control over currently. And yes THERE WILL BE TALKING THURSDAY. :)

The fight scenes are over for a while, there going to be character development and all. You may notice it looks a bit different, maybe not. Part of that is because I skipped the inking by hand part, and inked on the computer. It saved a ton of time, but I need to get better at it. The next page will be better I hope. I found out a lot of great tips from, which is a great comic and blog where the author has a section on what he has learned in making his own graphic novel. Man, I really hope I can get that good. :/

I’ll try to have the single sketch/mini comic thing started tomorrow. Oh, and you might notice I have a link to Top Web Comics! If you enjoy the comic, please vote for me by clicking on it, and you can see a sneak peak at a wallpaper I am making that reveals a bit more about the comic. ;)