Lucky, if they'd tried to catch it the whole comic would have been corrupted.

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  1. Cancer Cowboy

    Brilliant colors, and the contrast of the blue on the dusty yellow looks pretty excellent.

    • B. M. Prager

      Thank you very much!

  2. Birdman

    So was he a-firin' his lazor or something? ;D

    This comic looks amazing, and I'm actually surprised at how much I understand…

    And just a random question but did you take inspiration from Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series? Just wondering…

    • B. M. Prager

      Lol, yes :D
      The Modslinger was this rediculous idea I had like 3 years ago, of combining this forum I went to and the dark tower series. I made up every comic as I went, so it was like a comic on crack. The comic ultimately failed (not online, just as a concept I couldn't keep up), but I got a lot out of doing it, including a basic of this story, however changed it is.
      Dark Tower Series are also some of my favorite books, so they're a big inspiration for various aspects of my "overarching plotline" in general.

  3. redphillip

    Found you through an ad link at A Softer World. Awesome work! I'll absolutely be following this story.


    PS: Completely agree with the recommendation of Rice Boy, and his current saga The Order of Tales.

    • B. M. Prager

      I'm really glad to hear that! And yeah, Rice Boy and all the rest of Evan Dahm's work is amazing.

  4. nab

    lol at the alt-text. this entire comic is like a crapload of memes sandwiched inside a decent comic. which makes it one of the top 20 comics i've seen (this is only because i've seen a lot of comics).

  5. That chick next door

    8D ……wait, what was that thing any how?

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