Ash Storm 6-5

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  1. Alassieth

    My French isn’t great but for those that want a translation here’s a rough idea.

    1: Hello Mum, it’s Brandon. Someone in my class has invited me home.
    2: Are you going to get the train once you’re finished or shall I come pick you up in the car?
    3: No Mum. She says her dad will give me a lift home.
    Is she cute?
    4: What do you mean is she cute?!
    5: Mum! I’m going to hang up, talk to you later.

  2. kp42

    Tres bon! Je l’aime beaucoup. (Very good! I like it a lot.) ;-)

  3. Ragingreaver413

    Well, I don’t speak French, so it took me a couple of tries to figure out what is going on, although I must say I like the dynamic. Thank you for the rough translation, Alasieth.

    Also, good job on the scenery. Hell of a lot of detail, on pretty much everything. No wonder these things take you a long time to draw.

    • I was a bit nervous with this scene with in not being in English, but yeah. I’m glad the dynamic and everything came through. :)

      Thanks about the scenery! I definitely wish I could devote more time without quilt to the comic; they’d still take a long time, but I stand by that the best update schedule for Ash Storm is a complete episode per month.

  4. ExPaladin

    Hmm. I’m up-to-date. Looking forward to next update! :)

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