Ash Storm 6-6

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  1. Sovkel

    Yea, Ash totally speaks French, you can tell by the way she is looking at him. With that all knowing smile. ^_^

    • I’m just gonna whistle innocently and not comment on her French. =)

  2. kp42

    Poor guy. This just isn’t his day!

    • Aw, I’m sure it will get better soon. ;)

  3. Shoebox

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE You updated :D soo cute <3

    • I know, right?? =D

      I’m working on the next 4 pages right now, really sorry updates take forever. :/

  4. Steelbright

    Hi again! These two pages are lovely ^^
    Somehow, the drawing of that creature gets creepier from this occluded angle. I also love the stormy sky in the first part–it’s so complicated! and weirdly both sunny and horrifically overcast. yay!
    haha Ash’s face in the last panel. she’s trying so hard. :3

    • Hey Steelbright! Thank you!
      I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this storm, I’m glad it’s early stages are coming along well!

  5. Jim Faindel

    Well, it for one finally managed to amuse me regarding this side of the story. The french mom was a great detail too. Man did I miss coming to this site.

    • Thanks! I appreciate all the comments you been sending me recently also, wish I had more output.

  6. The Welder

    Ben I’m really enjoying this comic, I must have moar!

    • Okay okay, you have convinced me. -_-

      But yeah, as of this comment, and drawing moar.

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