What? The internet? Why don't you just use terms I understand??

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  1. Xel Unknown

    Memo to those first reading this: You are in for a wild ride, and best not to forget these first two pages when you get to the end of this chapter. It’ll give you much to think about.

  2. Zenanii

    Hmm, I kinda like the earlier punchline better. “We’ve made our choice. Now we’ve got to live with them” (Or something like that)

    • Nope, that’s always been the last line. The changes were that it originally said “Teh Internetz served their purpose”, and then for a brief period I called them “cities”.

  3. A Stranger

    Whoa, is this some sort of ringworld?

    • Stig Hemmer

      No, it looks more complex than that…

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