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I think it’s the best page so far, but right next to the page after it you can tell how different they look when I ink them on the computer. But yeah, page is up, reveals a lot more about the comic (mostly adding questions), and is pretty cool.

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New page tomorrow, with the start of more talking and jokes that aren’t all internet references! :/

Edit: Ok, I just read on reMIND how flatening works. OMG, I need to do this. With how I manipulate masks and all… just know it will result in some incredibly more proffetional pages compared to what I’ve got now, and faster. :D
Heck, with this I can use actual textures for my colors… hmm. I can really do the thing where I paint my colors in oil then throw them in a comic!! Maybe I’ll save the for LAG (comic this is prep for)…