Ash Storm 6-8

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  1. NonEuclideanCat

    Are those solar panels?

    • Indeed they are. And if you look closely, half the solar panels in this ep are placed in shadow. And there was an “Affordable Solar” store visible on the first page of the ep.

  2. Jim Faindel

    So, he is oficially really dense.
    I can get behind that.

  3. Steelbright

    *reads comments* huh. So this solar panel thing…must be important? I hadn’t noticed them. hmm.
    B’s eyes continue to get bigger, I swear :3
    I like Ash’s expression in the last panel. And the way that their motion is expressed in this and the next page–the mood of the conversation turns on the framing and how they are walking/stopping.

    • Well, every detail in the comic is important for SOME reason, though I’m also deliberately downplaying the world building at the moment, so that the focus stays on the characters for the moment. And it is HARDDDDDDD, even though I know the payoff will be huge.

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