Ash Storm 6-9

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  1. Xel Unknown

    Yes, they are totally real… Can’t wait for the boy to see them.

    • It MAY be one of the scenes I’m looking most forward to making. :3

  2. Sovkel

    Heh, well if they don’t show up in her forest, we will get to see them on the island right… Right?

    • SPOILERS: Just as we are about to see them for the first time it turns out the WHOLE COMIC IS A DREAM. >:D

      (not actually spoilers wouldn’t do that to you guys)

      • Xel Unknown

        If it turned out to be a dream… It’d then turn out this dream realm to something important. Cause that is how you roll. AND WE ALL KNOW THIS!

  3. Steelbright

    ha! I love the dual ‘romantic/emotional bonding moment’ and ‘well this is awkward’ moment. i still want to know why B had to escape france… perhaps he’s had experiences that might make him more likely to believe her? then again, doesn’t seem like it… hee. more comments later.

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