Ash Storm: Page 6-10

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  1. Xel Unknown


    I so happy I finally got to using that RSS feed stuff. :3

    And this is a nice page, GET BACK TO WORK WE WANT MOAR!

  2. bmark

    wait so why isnt she wearing shoes
    looking back it seems shes been without them for the last few pages

    • Nope! She has not been wearing shoes this entire time. You just didn’t really get good a view of her feet (chronologically) before.

      • bmark

        so is this an economic status thing, or is it normal in this society?

        • There are quite a few things that look at class, society, and the of the Other in Ash Storm, but as for Ash being barefoot? Ashlynn is… Ashlynn.

  3. Steelbright

    hrr, Ash is barefoot? haha i guess i have the same question as everyone. it seems natural to her although in my experience usually schools enforce rules about keeping your shoes on (one friend i had got in trouble for that a lot.) I love her expression, though :3

    I had kind of expected that the present storyline–the ending storyling, as it were–would be several weeks in the future at least, but now it seems like it might be closer. although that could be me just not remembering narration bubbles that told me the exact nature of the time difference :P

  4. BobBarker

    So just wondering if it’s my imagination or not but I swear your tiny comic had that same island Ashlynn drew in it too. Coincidence? Just wondering since you had mentioned it didn’t tie into the other comics but I have a strange feeling it does…..

    • Indeed, I drew that tiny comic while I was writing the story of Ash Storm, and wanted to experiment with drawing the island. ;)

  5. bmark

    so… is this comic still updating? it feels like its been longer than usual. id really like to see what happens next!

    • It is! I just needed to finish Flicker before SPX and MICE this month, as I am selling it there.

      Ash Storm should start updating again early to mid october, after the buffer of Flicker comics runs through, and a few tiny comics so that I have enough buffer to start posting Ash Storm regularly. I hate how sporadic the updates to have it have been, and want to try and avoid that in the future.

      • bmark

        sweet! i look forward to it. ive been meaning to go check out your other comics, perhaps ill do so while waiting for this one

        • I Highly recommend it! They are all connected (except Tiny, which is only meta connected), though the stories are all a bit early on to notice.
          But seriously though, these stories are all part of one giant thing.

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