So this new page was flattened before I did the colors. Its this great coloring technique I discovered on reMIND blog. And notice there is talking in this comic finally! :) The story is moving into a part where I was more comfortable with it, so the dialog is more natural, and there are plenty of jokes that build off of the comic rather than vague internet references. Now I’m a fan of them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the comic. But a lot of people don’t get them. I justify that by incorporating them in the story enough that you’re not completely lost if you don’t know them. I still need to get to some of those parts though. :/

Remeber how I mention clicking the vote button? Well people are doing it! :D I have gone from being in the thousands to being in the seven hundreds. I ask that if you enjoyed this comic you please just click that button and vote for me. There’s really no reason not to (unless say you hate this comic or me personally), and it’s totally safe. Heck you can do it every day if you want, and still vote for as many other comics as you want too.

I am working on a background, which I intend as a sort of donation incentive. My thought is that the comic costs money to maintain, and it would be really great if it supported itself. So basically I would make it that if any amount of money was donated at all, you would be sent to download a version of the wallpaper that fit your screen hopefully. Or every version. That would be up to you. Really, the wallpaper is just an excuse or a plus for donating. I think it’s pretty great looking, but I tend to think that about a lot of artwork while I’m working on it/just finished.
Then, once I got a certain amount of donations (I was thinking $50 for the first time, but I don’t know. Will have to see how it goes), I would draw a mini comic, say 6-12 pages (yes, I got this idea from Rice-Boy). The first would be 5 or 6 I think, but yeah. I would like to do that every time I got a  certain amount of donations. Just some ideas I have, and was curious what people thought of them. You can comment on this blog post if you have anything you want to say about it, I am interested to hear.