Never be afraid of the dark again.

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  1. Xel Unknown


    And about time… This was begging to get to the creepy bit. Finally it is here.

    • Thanks! I am glad this is as creepy in comic as it was in my head.

      Yeah, I hate when I end up delaying things. Building a large buffer so I can make decisions weeks ahead of time, but waaay too early to promise I can keep it up.

  2. Fevley

    I really liked that character D: The rest of this reaction is just inarticulate shudderings and squeaks.

  3. BobBarker

    Loving this comic and all the recent updates. Truly this world is a much more wicked place then other comics lead on. Can’t wait to see what happens next and can’t wait to see more of this world in the future with (hopefully) another comic about it lol.

    Good job again love the work

    • There will definitely be other comics set in this world after Flicker! ^_^

      Not immediately, but there will be a lot of them over time.

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