There is something to eat.

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  1. Xel Unknown


  2. BobBarker

    Glad you finished flicker, can’t wait to see the end. Have fun at SPX!!

    You going back to ash storm after the event or more starman chronicles?

    • Thanks!

      I will be going back to Ash Storm after Flicker, though there will likely be 3-4 Tiny Bazzelwaki updates between Ash Storm Ep7 and Flicker ending, so that I can finish part 2 of Tiny, and have enough buffer to figure out how long it takes me to draw a comic like Ash Storm when I’m not bull rushing to be ready for a convention.

  3. Skyscraper

    Hi–I recently discovered your site, and your comics are absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to see more of the Starman Chronicles, Ash Storm, Tiny Bazzelwaki, and eventually Imprint maybe? Good luck, man.

    On the more story-related side: is Setmi really referring to cannibalism? If I thought my best friend was trying to eat me, I know I would be staring at them with wide eyes; but they appear to be looking at the same thing. I think there’s a third thing to eat that may be just as unpleasant.

    • Why thank you!!

      As the next page has updated, and is a scene transition, I can say they are not starring at the same thing in the last panel here, but are in fact both looking away from each other.
      As for the quiet reaction rather than wide-eyed-ness, it is important to remember the Dakken are not american nor even human. Their reaction has to do with different cultural expectations than ours. ;)

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