Flicker: Page 38

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  1. James

    The very best kind of bad ending. Well done!

  2. Skyscraper

    Is that lamp going out permanently?

  3. James

    I agree with the other James, it was a quite fitting ending. Much darker than I’d expect you to take it, and I feel a little proud of you that you pulled this off.

    • [blushes with pride]
      But, in seriousness, I put a lot of thought into these and hearing that it worked out makes me very happy. ^_^

  4. Steelbright

    This was an incredible trip, despite the fact that my computer was trying to sabotage me and not loading for forever.

    A really, really dark conclusion to this story arc…literally. :( I like that you told it through the children’s POV. And my goodness, those robot things were horrifying. AWFUL. It kind of makes sense that Neva is the one to kill his friend, after having seen that kind of carnage. It does seem like you could have a whole story about this, but this one also works well on its own…nice work, dramatically & artistically.

    it does kind of seem like cannibalism is common enough among these peoples that there’s a standard punishment for it? curious.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next! :)

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