Well, there’s a lot of it. Maybe you get lost in it, maybe suddenly everything makes sense, or maybe you’re like “what the hell? I knew all of this already.” But there it is. I didn’t add a background because there was so much text, but I think I’ll go back in and add some at a later date. The text was messy when I first uploaded it, so I’ve tried to clean up it up a bit, make it more readable.

Also, if you didn’t start reading the comic last night, and want to peruse the archives, you may notice I have touched up the color and fixed the text on every page. Well, not of the pages that need to be redrawn, but I’ll get to those in a moment. I call this process the “sexy-ification” of the comic. Or maybe not. But I’ll be doing more of it, I’m sure.

So you know those pages that don’t seem to fit? Like the whole first fight sequence? Well, I am redrawing that as a flashback, and then a large shot of all but Lolston and the Modslinger dead. It will be two pages, and keep the pace of the comic where I want it.

Come back Tuesday and Wednesday AS WELL as Thursday for the main update, because there will be updates to the mini comic every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday!! :D Oh, and please keep hitting that vote button! It is super helpful! I will update the incentive soon :/