It is now. Some early celebration was going on yesterday, and so I didn’t have time to finish the comic. Will try not to make a habit out of it. I will leave it up to you to imagine what this early¬†celebration¬†was, as what you imagine will most likely be more exciting than the reality.

So, I’ve changed the style a bit with this new page, I’m thinking it’s pretty great, but we’ll see how it goes. Also, you might notice the new Tiny Bazzelwaki says it’s going to be about me learning stuff as I draw. I’m trying to keep it entertaining, and if that doesn’t work out I’ll try something else. So far I’m liking it (it draws fast so I’ve got a few more done), but time will tell.

Also, votes! I put up a new incentive! It is the first comic I drew with the Modslinger in it, back when he was just some badass version of a forum moderator and Roland of Gilead. I am around 550 right now in the ranks and while I’m not much in a place where people will see my comic from top web comics, it feels good to be moving up. :