Wow, I am in serious need of recovery I just have a ton on my plate right now, have not been able to draw over the weekend, and just had an eye exam and looking at the screen is really hard. SO. No comic today. Instead, if you’re interested I fine tuned some of the text, and color adjusted every figgin page aside from the like 5 that need to be totally redrawn. Some of the pages are just stunning I think now, while others are still terrible. I’m going to have to go back and fix them very carefully, redrawing certain parts on the computer, recoloring bits, and fixing the shading. That will be a fun side project for once I don’t have those five pages to redraw.

Things should be back to updating Wednesday (no promises Tuesday, maybe late) with the next Tiny Bazzelwaki, but right now I am going to take time to get some of the weight off my shoulders, if you catch my drift.

Oh! And Der-shing  of The Meek got a chance to look at Bazzelwaki! :D
Mainly she (I think) had to say that the comic was rough, though there was a lot more to it. Overall it was good advice, and I’ll be sending a reply and making some changes. Like the yucky green only I seem to like as a color will turn grey or something :P We’ll see.

Keep voting please! I am at 500 right now, and it is awesome! :D
I will update the incentive in a day or two, with the next comic that featured the Modslinger. I think I”ll do it for the first three like that :P