I’m really sorry about this week, There is an incredible amount happening for me right now. I will try very hard to have a comic up Thursday, but do not expect it until night time I guess. May just be safe to check Friday, hopefully I’ll have time to post the next Tiny Bazzelwaki on Friday as well.

I will most definnitely take the time once chapter one is finished to build up a back log, this is ridiculous. I am having to go up and add to the text and and the coloring and the lines after every single one I do it feel like. I mean I expect to, but I feel like the last two I actually put up incomplete, because well I think I did. The text heavy one is now much easier to read than before, and the current page now has a lot more too it with  the colors fitting a bit better. I still want to draw the city in the behinf panels though. Maybe I can do that over the weekend. The page I’m currently drawing so far seems more complete, but I haven’t colored it yet, so I don’t know.

And, as with every other post, Votes! Thank you everyone who has been voting! As a reminder you can vote every day on top web comics, by clicking the Vote button, and doing so makes it easier for me to attract readers. My rank is about 450 right now, and I am hopefull to pass 400 in the next few days, granted the kindness of my readers. I have put up a new incentive! This is the second comic to ever feature the Modslinger, and has what is still one of my favorite jokes in it (it involves a boat, not sure why I like it so much but hey).  This joke will make it into chapter 2 of the comic, to an extent. If you’re interested in seeing what you could consider the original concept for a scene in chapter 2, you’ll want to vote and find out! The joke completes on the 3rd page, which I will make an incentive in a few days. :D