Coffee is addicting, kids. Oh, and on the Internetz it's basically booze as well.

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  1. Rachel T.

    I fell like this some mornings….

  2. This is me, every morning.

  3. Oh man, bookmarked, voted for, and placed in my heart forever! You, sir, are just fantastic, although if I were you I wouldn't limit myself to fantastic, so you shouldn't either because, y'know, I said so.

    Can we be friends? That would be nice.

    …Also I am loving the bunny slippers this man is wearing X3

    And that they know to give him the pitcher. This looks like something they've had to go through before XD

  4. Serne

    Love the art style. I'm definitely gonna be following this comic.

  5. B. M. Prager

    Thanks everyone!

    @Rachel and Lunpa, yeah, me too nowadays. I'm not as bad as you though Lunpa! :P

    @kit-wistful, thank you very much! We can be friends on facebook or deviantART, but in rl requires a bit more.

    @Serne, thank you!!

    @Matt, glad I could help! :D

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