Sorry about how this whole week went, I’ll try to give more warning before this happens next time.
But yeah. I had this penciled by friday afternoon, and since then I’ve either been in the car, or up to my shoulders in rot and mold. I’ve finnally got time to work on photoshop the page though. I don’t know if I’ll have time for another monday, we’ll see. I’ll work on Tiny more most def though. It’s going to have a pretty shocking next comic, and from what I can tell will start to be pretty awesome. dunno though

Really though, last week was very productive for me. In addition to many other things, I am now going to a weekly meeting with a ton of other comic artists in the area every week! I’m still super shy, but hopefully once I can show more people in the group my work, I’ll generate enough interest people will talk to me.

Oh, I got a response from Ananth of Johnny Wander! Generally his response was posative, and I’m glad to have had it. I haven’t gotten a chance to write back to him, but I will. Also, I met Dirk, the writer of Paradigm Shift. He goes to the meetings I just started attending, and I did a few double takes when I looked at his work and realized what it was. Was very cool. :)

Next web comic artist I meet will be Meredith Gran Monday! I’ve drawn some fan art of her comic Octopus Pie, will be putting it on Deviant Art once I Photoshop it up. ;)