I have finished the new Book One comic, as well as a new Tiny Bazzelwaki!!

I realize the new Tiny Bazzelwaki is basically exactly the opposite what you would have expected, but I realized I couldn’t draw a comic about drawing a comic like that. It just wasn ‘t going to happen. Soooo, I’ll do make it up as I go. It’s going to be pretty hectic at first, but it should settle into something pretty interesting, I hope.  I’ll be posting a new Book One Thursday, and possibly a new Tiny every other day of the week. We’ll see, I’ll shoot for at least 3 this week. I will have a more finalized update on the schedule by the end of the week, but I think it’s going to be more like 3 updates a week rather than every day, it’s clear I can’t handle that, especially after what happened (or perhaps what didn’t) last week.

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