Hey, this part kinda makes sense!

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  1. SnowConee

    Love this comic. Can't wait to see more. :)

  2. Serne

    The guy wrapped in the blanket looks shell shocked…

  3. VictorVonJovi

    Here I was thinking that flat was another term for human.

    -Plays The More You Know tune-

  4. kiarasa

    I think "flat" is more in reference to people's characters. kinda. ish.

  5. B. M. Prager

    Eheheh :D

    I know what Flats are. ;)

  6. Mike

    Flats seem to be two dimentional characters.

  7. Mike

    Or memes since they don't last even 3 years.

  8. kiarasa

    yes. that was what i was trying to say.

  9. Black Sheep

    Heheheh, Tinker Bell. >:3

    • B. M. Prager


  10. Sekhmetti

    I like the detail of the mod's bloodshot eyes.

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