So, this weeks page is finally up, and it’s starting to explain some bits. It’s a slower part of the story, but details about the world are starting to get filled in.

Frankly, I think this is that hands down best page I’ve ever made. Maybe not the most exciting, but damn. I finally realized why flattening is so amazing, even for a more painterly artist such as myself. Setting things up took a bit of time, but it was so clean and organized to do! Was great :)

Also, I’ve put the donation wallpaper mention right below the donation button. Maybe I’ll make a store page, with the only thing being the ability to donate for the wallpaper lol… at least for then. I’m also goning to try and do 3 main pages for next week. Well see how it goes/ :P

And finally of course, votes! Keep voting everyone! I am in the 320s somewhere. Thank you all so much, I’ll try really hard to get a decent incentive up there soon.