Suck it up Caleb, and walk it off. :D

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  1. Lazerus

    Nothing ?!??!? NOTHING???111///?"?"?"!


    Character development is really comming along nicely. The website fits the part now, you'v been tweaking it right?

    Anyway the characters are looking better, the movement and angles are working nicly and the newer pages are easier to follow. Looking great ^__^


  2. B. M. Prager

    Thanks a bunch Laz! Yeah, I've been doing a bunch of tweaking to the site. Still not done, but this is pretty close to what I want. Glad to hear everything's coming together now :D

    I am desperately trying to up the quality of the earlier pages lol.

  3. Serne

    My best guess at what is going on now. The entire universe they are in currently is actually a separate alternate reality where both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional lifeforms exist. The Modslinger is definitely from an alternate universe from the one he is currently in and most likely was at one time some sort of law enforcement there, whether he himself is a flat I cannot confirm at the moment.

  4. B. M. Prager

    That is a very good guess! Very well thought out. :)

    Next few pages should help with piecing together what's going on.

  5. Jack Munroe

    [to be read in a Forrest Gump voice]

    Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough stabs….

  6. nab

    i have a feeling IB will be saying "he does that sometimes" a lot.

  7. krishna

    i think i am starting to get it , its like do androids dream of electronic sheep meets the internet pop culture . am i on the right track?

    • That’s actually a tough question to answer! I’ll have to say that overall Imprint does not really resemble Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep, though it does share some themes.

      Ultimately, like everything I write, the entire story is about something larger than it’s component pieces. Upon the completion of Ash Storm and the beginning of Imprint ch2, some of the assumptions people likely have made about the story will be flipped on their head.

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