Seriously, I can’t imagine any other artist using masks as much as I do. It produces some incredible results though, that’s for sure. You see the whole bottom of the new Book One page? Yeah. Masks. I can actually edit all of that in real time, it’s not flattened. And it’s a bit easier to do that it looks, just lots and lots of masks. If you don’t use Photoshop or a similar program and don’t know what masks are, don’t worry about it. No one else uses them anyways. :P

So that’s probably it for this weeks comics, One Book One, one Tiny Bazzelwaki. I might do another Tiny, they’re quick and I want to do a Spaceman Spiff cameo real quick. I really hope this is all legal, as I am not selling it or trying to pass off this FLCL stuff and soon Calvin and Hobbes stuff as my own.

I WILL be recoloring a number of pages this week, starting with, and going from there. I also think I’ll be cleaning up the fight squence with the missingno a bit more. Oh, and the Stabbing More page needs a fix and I know just the thing.

Finally, please keep voting for me by clicking the vote button! Once a day if possible, I would really appreciate it. I’m currently at around 250 ranked, and not moving much. There is a new incentive! Brand new artwork, an environment concept for chapter 2! IT IS AWESOME. I think. But you should vote and judge for yourself. ;)