It’s a new week, and some intresting things have happened. Top Web Comics Votes suddenly reduced, I assume to keep the comics rankings current. But what that means is I have gone from rank 250 to rank 90 in a single day due to a lot of votes today! Thank you everyone who has been voting!! This means it’s more important now than ever to vote, to stay in the top 100. I hope it lasts the day. :/

EDIT: I am not only still in the top 100, I am ranked 38 at the moment!!! Also there is a new incentive. This one is the outline of the next page, which will be up when I finish it. I am guessing this thursday or next monday.

And comic update? Yes! You know that fight scene at the start of the comic that, well… I drew 2 years ago? I have replaced it, with the first page to be totally digital from start to finish!

You can see it  HERE. This page is rather important, as Lolston does not get his head blown off in it, and thus is the survivor referred to later. Also, you get to see a flashback to 5 years ago, and discover something very interesting about Lolson’s appearance at the time! A number of you have already speculated the nature of Flats, and this will help make it even clearer.
A note, I made a new brush in photoshop for this page- a blood brush. So yeah, it’s gory. But also short and to the point.

I’ve been going through the archives more and cleaning up older pages, some to the extreme. The comic is overall starting to look much beter, though I’ve still got 7 pages to completely re-color, and one page to re-draw.

A last note, donations. I am spending a fair amount of money on this comic, and I am currently an unemployed college student… I want this comic to be a jumping off point, and I want to publish all sort of comics on this site in the future. If you like my work and would be interested in seeing me continue it and to improve, a donation of any amount would mean a lot to me. also, a donation of any amount will give you access to this wallpaper:

It comes in sizes 1280 x 800, 1280 x 1024,
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If you’re interested, hit the Donate button.